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Tips On Governor Transportation

Over the years of working in the governor service industry we have identified a few common occurrences in receiving governors which can cause damage to equipment or problems with the service documentation.  Here are a few tips to ensure your governor arrives safely and with the relevant documentation.


Packing Your Governor

  • Ensure the governor has been drained of oil (Fig. GT-1)

    Note: You may be required to turn the governor upside-down to drain all oil.  This is a compulsory requirement

    of all air freight carriers as the governor often has to be turned horizontally for loading.

  • Use a solid metal or wooden box and label the box with the correct "THIS WAY UP" position for transportation.   (Fig. GT-2)

  • Secure the governor to the box

  • Surround the secured governor with sufficient packaging so that the governor cannot move within the box.





Fig. GT-2

We are able to supply specially designed steel fabricated governor transportation boxes for the return and future transportation of your governors.  These boxes are fitted with 1 inch thick construction ply bases so that your governor can be easily secured to the steel frame.





Accompanying Paperwork

  • Quote your order number

  • Advise us of a contact name and telephone/fax number

  • Advise us of your delivery and invoicing addresses

  • Describe what service you require (i.e. Service, Test, Recalibrate or Repair).  For a description of the services we offer please refer to the Workshop Services page.

  • Note the Part number or type of governor and the Serial number which can be found on the manufacturers nameplate on the equipment

  • Advise the date that you require the governor to be returned

  • Note any special instructions in regards to the required speed settings.

Disclaimer: Governor Services Australia is an independent service facility and is not affiliated with Woodward Governor Co.

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